Torah as a Job

Shua's Kollel is fulfilling a need that has been ignored until the birth of this project. Shua's Kollel serves to create a learning environment for young men who are transitioning into the next phase in their life, without compromising their desire and need for Torah-study. 


Shua's Kollel aims to instill an appreciation for learning as well as motivating young men to prioritize their spirituality, without negating the need for monetary return.

We provide compensation for their time of learning, fostering dignity, responsibility and diligence in study.


We demand timeliness, personal 


and we uniquely focus on dating and marriage preparation.

Creating the next generation of inspired Souls and as we like to say-- turning boys into responsible men. 

Sponsor a student to learn Torah for the day, week, month or beyond. In doing so you partner with us to create the first Torah Outreach center in Crown Heights Community. 

Don't have all day to spend learning? No problem. Come learn for an hour a day, once a week. Be a shaliach and a student in your own community. Support us with your presence. 

To create a learning environment and Torah outreach center open to youth, newly married working men and busy baal'abatim. 

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