Shua's Kollel cultivates a love and appreciation for learning all parts of Torah, be it the revealed and legalistic aspects as well as the psychological and practical, striving to discover the eternal relevance within everything we learn.



Community ​

One of the greatest hurdles in the life of our youth is need to feel and be apart of something greater than yourself. This maybe the most important goal and hopeful outcome of Shua's Kollel; to provide a sense of belonging, especially for the many who feel disenfranchised or even ostracized from the regular main-stream environments. 

Dating Class 

Shua's Kollel realizes the necessity of discussing dating and marriage preparation, a subject that unfortunately have been perceived by many, as taboo. So many young men may be equipped for the world intellectually and even financially but lack the emotional language to transition into the next and most important stage of their life. These sessions focus on the questions perhaps to embarrassing to be asked or details which awareness is lacking, creating a sense of direction and clarity to pursue getting married in an empowered manner.




Shua's Kollel offers one-on-one life coaching and personal attention to each one of our members. One of the most difficult elements that our youth go through is not finding someone they can speak to about their everyday issues. Our experienced staff provide the necessary focus to our students assisting with the direction they need to live productive and meaningful lives.


The glue of a Chossids life, these informal gatherings are held to discuss the pursuit of real and authentic growth as a Jew, allowing for real integration ones studies and the actual change of the individual to occur...for the better.



Holistic Chassid 

Inspired by our name sake, Shua's Kollel strives to imbue a sense of joy and wholesomeness in one's relationship to Judaism and to G-d, never loosing touch with the goal. In whatever we teach or do, we must find a way to make it relevant and practical not only to our immediate environment, but to the many who aren't aware of our rich and beautiful heritage. Taking the light of our learning and influencing others who maybe not as aware.