Shua personified balance between this world below and the world above. He was a Holistic Chassid. A devoted father, husband, student and Oved, who lived with a sincerity and authenticity one rarely encounters. He made time for learning, and when his schedule was busy, or class was about to begin, he stood steadfast wrapped in a Tallis, not letting the everyday rush disturb his union with Hashem. He would sing a niggun with his whole soul. He strived to inspire others in a way that was natural, as if he were introducing them to their long lost relative, reuniting them with the other half of themselves to feel whole and complete. He was perfectly present, the greatest of listeners, was health and fitness conscious, loved to learn knew things of the world like languages music, and travel.

A man who never compromised his true self, perpetually involved in self-refinenment. 

He didn't see a conflict between achieving goals in Chol(mundane affairs), and being a Chassid on the front lines.  

Shua was taken weeks after his 31st birthday, one month after completing his seven year doctorate PSYD, and six months before he had the chance to meet his first son.There is so much of Shua's legacy that must be continued. He was a fire, a light, a person of warmth and spirit. We lost the privilege of Shua's irreplacable presence in a physical way, but together if we strive to live up to but a shadow of Shua's legacy, we'll continue to shine that light. May we be an honor to his Neshama:

R' Yehoshua Rafael HaLevi ben Hershel Leib A"H. 

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